About Us

"We are children at heart", regardless the age we accumulated and the many grey hairs we are growing already.
The Red Frog Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. is a wholly foreign owned company registered in China. The love to children is the driving force for establishing this company.

Red Frog is a young company established in 2010 and located in Shanghai and our roots are Chinese and German.
We believe that the childhood is the key to a happy and content life, but sometimes keys need to be turned to ensure this.

It is our aim to introduce primarily German and other European brands with high quality and safety standard products to modern Chinese parents who want to provide a better childhood for their children.

We selected what we believe are the best children furniture and toys, creating an atmosphere which allows children to grow their own personalities in their own small worlds and parents to feel ensured about the quality and safety of those products.

The brands we introduce are sold in our own retail stores, our online shop and also distributed to other cooperating retailers and educational centers throughout the country.

… For a better CHILDHOOD.