Distribution Channels

The brands we represent are sold in different distribution channels all over China.

Currently Retail shops with the brands we represent can be found in the following cities:

Furthermore some products we represent can also be found on several online shops and online platforms, such as JD.com; Amazon.com: TMALL.com and more.

For us, cooperating with a partner goes beyond just selling the products, we do care about a long-term mutual cooperation and also that the brands are presented and handled in an appropriate way. That's why we assist our partners in several aspects:

  • Designing a store or POS layout.
  • Selecting the appropriate products.
  • Training sales and assembly teams.
  • Supporting with marketing and merchandising ideas and materials.
  • Organizing and handling all product imports.
  • Providing stock at our warehouse.
  • Handling After-Sales-Services.
  • Providing new product selection and fair information.

Selected product collections can be purchased on wholesale basis by retailers and educational centers throughout mainland China.

We are always interested finding new partners. For details, please call or contact us by email to info@redfrog-ltd.com