the new study team.

DIEGO & SINO the new study team.

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Paidi Diego

Beautiful white design and great functionality.

The right place from the beginning. With its functional design, Diego goes everywhere with everything. From the tabletop with rounded corners to accents in trendy grey to accessories, this student desk leaves nothing to be desired, is ergonomic and flexible. The successful look and three different table widths give each student a secure basis – and parents the opportunity to make optimal use of the space in the kid’s room.

Diego details

Height: adjustable from 53 to 79 cm Inclination: up to 19° 

Width: 105 / 120 / 140 cm Depth: 70 cm

Color:  Chalk white

Material: Legs are made of medium-carbon steel and the  table top is  made by high-density laminate board. 

Diego is available in 3 different sizes.

With three widths in 105 cm, 120 cm and 140 cm, Diego is the ideal desk for any room size.

Rounded corners with grey accentuated edge. Removable: The crank can be fitted to the left or on the right to adjust the desk in the right height – and after that it will easily be removed. The hook is made for carrying the satchel. Very practical: It can be fitted to the left or right side. Double use: The ruler is already handy and is also an edge strip – so nothing can fall off.

 More Diego pictures. Click on the picture below to enlarge them.


With the right attitude everything works. Left as right. Divided and variable, Diego GT’s desktop opens up more possibilities in terms of creativity and functionality. The fixed part can be mounted left or right as required, the tilt-able main plate can be tilted up to 19 °. So it works not only with the homework even better.

Diego GT details

Height: adjustable from 53-79 cm Inclination: up to 19 ° (fixed part on the desk can be mounted to the left or right side) 

Width: 130 cm (90 cm tilt-able main plate, 37.5 cm fixed plate) Depth: 70 cm

Color: Chalk white

Material: Legs are made of medium-carbon steel and the  table top is  made by high-density laminate board.

Full of freedom, left and right. The split table top of the Diego GT helps left and right-handed people with their homework. The wide main plate offers plenty of space for writing, painting and crafts and is also tilt-able up to 19 °. The narrow, fixed part always stays horizontal – ideal for anything that requires a secure footing.

The integrated strip brush in white between the two partial plates prevents pinching off fingers and the slipping of small parts such as pens and eraser.

More Diego-GT pictures. Click on the picture below to enlarge them.

Drawer unit, book holder, storage rail, kids-butler are also available for both Diego and Diego GT.


Sino details

Seat height: adjustable from ca. 35 to 43 cm.

Seat width: ca. 46 cm – Seat depth: ca. 39.5 cm 

Back height: ca. 48 cm – Back width: ca. 39.5 cm 

Load capacity up to max. approx. 80 kg, for children & teenagers.

SINO chairs are designed to match the style of DIEGO and DIEGO GT and are available in 4 designs, seat height is adjustable.

All PAIDI products are tested with the highest European standards. PAIDI is trust and offers a 5 year product guarantee and a 5 year availability guarantee on all PAIDI furniture.

Visit Paidi’s homepage at www.paidi.com. Or see the catalogs.