What to do with cot bed when the baby turns into a toddler

What to do with cot bed when the baby turns into a toddler

Babies grow fast into toddlers and parents want to be sure the cot bed can be used for a longer period. Why not choosing a cot that can grow with the child. A cot that easily can be converted into a toddler bed, which can be used until the child is 4 to 5 years old.

For the first 24 months, the cot can be used in its original configuration. Of course the height of the mattress has to be adjusted. The older the child, the lower the mattress should be adjusted, in order to avoid, that the child can climb over the bed.


Usually around an age of 24 months, the child might be able to walk and feel safe getting out of the bed alone. But its recommended to keep a protection board, which ensures, the child wont fall off the bed during the sleep. It is still the same bed, only with a few modifications. Little children do not necessary need a bed which is large enough for an adult at this age. They prefer things to be small and cozy. Why not just postponing the purchase of a BIG bed and just use this bed a few more years. This functionality applies for most of the cot beds size 140cm by 70 cm in our collection. Ask for details.

Children do have growing requirements as well and want to have a different bed after a while. Why not adding a little tent?

And finally the time arrived and it has been decided to buy a BIG bed. But the toddler bed can still be used as a small sofa.

While a larger bed will be added to the room, when the children turn 6 years old.

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